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The APAM Credit team’s aim is to preserve the relationship between creditor and debtor wherever possible.

As your trusted business partner, your growth and success is our commitment. Our innovative, integrated solutions and dedicated services, delivered seamlessly with simplicity and speed, are designed to give your business the edge to stay ahead. In doing so, we will help you achieve your financial goals and achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed.


Extensive Tracing Services

We have extensive debtor tracing services to find up-to-date debtor contact and address who may have skip town to prevent paying a debt.


Customized Solutions

We customize our recovery strategy with our client. We process demand letters to the debtor, each one becoming more aggressive and demanding.


In-House Debt Collection System

In-house debt collection system developed and upgraded with more robust functions for more than a decade. 


Site Visitation/ Negotiation

Where letters and telephone calls fail to develop the case forward, we will schedule an effective site visit to gather intelligence and/or negotiate with debtor.


Accounts Receivables Reporting

We keep client updated – Generate report to allow client to be updated with status and progress of account at all times.


Highest Collection Ratio

We operate on a no result – no reward policy. We have one of the highest collection ratio based on clients feedback.

Reviews From Our Clients

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Our business is focused on achieving growth for our clients. Our group has continued to strive towards service excellence in providing quality services to our corporate clients. Our clients’ compliments that eventually turned into referrals motivated us to be who we are today, to strive to be better tomorrow.

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